Stargate S10

Gantry Car Wash


  • Galvanized and painted steel frame
  • ABS claddings
  • Direct roll-over towing by inverter
  • High strength aeronautical riveting
  • General fasteners in stainless steell

Vertical brushes

  • Galvanized steel single-beam guide
  • Electrical handling by inverter
  • Rotation and Electronic Control by inverter
  • Double brushing on the front and back of the car
  • Side inclination and locking by pneumatic cylinder
  • Towing hooks safety

Horizontal brush

  • Electric lifting with inverter
  • Rotation and Electronic Control by inverter
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Fall arrest safety system


  • Horizontal stainless steel blade contour follwing, adjustable on 360° with motorized control by inverter
  • Electric lifting by inverter
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Side drying with 2 electric-fans
  • Fall arrest safety system

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with electro-valves and dedicated ramps
  • Dosing pump for shampoo
  • Dosing pump for wax
  • 7 inverters
  • Self-Service predisposition fully integrated into the machine electronics

Dotazioni standard

  • Impianto idraulico con elettrovalvole e rampe dedicate
  • Pompa dosatrice per shampoo
  • Pompa dosatrice per cera
  • 7 inverter
  • Predisposizione Self-Service completamente integrata nell’elettronica della macchina

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