Aquarama Startruck
The lifting belts are double, in order to double the lifting capacity and avoid the brush fall even in case of break of one of the belts. A specific sensor detects both the loosening and the breaking of the belt.
Electrical board mounted into water-proof glass fiber cabinet, on board with innovative and functional design. Inverter for roll-over translation and horizontal brush lifting. PLC for total management of the machine, power brushes control board, power supplies, safety relè, etc.. will complete the equipment on board.
High brightness LED traffic light, Forward, Stop and Backward signal managed by photocells. Each card is totally water-proof through immersion into a special insulating resin.
A hardy sliding trolley on 4 sturdy tubular beams through wheels in techno-polymer with polyurethane coating. Translation with toothed polyurethane high strength belt. Brush rotation shaft in high strength steel, on bearings support specially designed to bear all the weights and stresses, leaving to gearboxes (fixed with rubber supports) the sole burden of the rotation, without starting kickbacks. Control of the excessive inclination of the brush through rubber buffers and sensors, in both directions, for a quick intervention during the washing of particular shapes or anomalies of the control systems.
Water-proof glass fiber cabinet with innovative and functional design. Modular and compact chemical product tanks, with 20 lit. capacity. High capacity pneumatic dosing pumps (12 lit/h), usable in tandem mode to reach 24 lit/h. EPDM and/or VITON seals. Solid brass electro-valves, with chemical products injection through special plastic blocks, downstream of the valves themselves.
Towing wheels on water-proof supporting bearings, for the supporting of the machine weight. Gearboxes mounted on rubber parabolic buffers for a smooth movement without any structure kickback at the start and/or at breaking. Very comfortable maintenance/substitution.


Truck and Bus Wash Gantry

Advanced technology for a lasting success and reliability

Startruck technical features

Supporting structure in tubulars and hot-dip galvanized steel, consisting of four columns in the lower part at the bottom of the roll-over, and connected into the upper part by beams, on which is fixed the group that bears the vertical brushes trolleys.
Cabinet for the electrical board, and cabinet for hydro-pneumatic groups and chemical products, realized in glass fiber with modern and functional design. 
Water-proof gearboxes, in special anti-corrosion alloy.
Wide programming possibilities in order to wash automatically: trucks, buses, vans, cars, with possibility of specific management of various type of mirrors, spoilers, platforms with side banks, trailers, hooks, rear hydraulic platforms, etc..
Front and rear double brushes overlapping.
Supplying till four different chemical products.
Color display screen 7” for the total management of the programs and settings, with shatterproof buttons for a simple and quick programs selection.



  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • Roll-over direct drive, through inverter
  • Stainless steel fasteners

Vertical Brushes

  • Four-beam guide in hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Power electronic control
  • Electrical moving through toothed belt
  • Front and rear double brushes overlapping
  • Safety devices for excess brushes pressure 

Horizontal brush

  • Electric lifting through inverter
  • Power electronic control
  • Guides in hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Double lifting belt with safety sensors

Medium pressure and high flow pre-wash

  • Lower side medium pressure *
  • Side medium pressure *
  • Side medium pressure with rotating heads *


Standard features

  • Hydraulic circuit with electro-valves and dedicated ramps
  • Shampoo dosing pump
  • Control terminal in wall box with numeric key-pad and color display



* Optional

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