Aqua Pay 7.0

Technical features

Metal structure in galvanized steel and painted in RAL 7004 gray

Frontal dressing in black Polyethylene with satin finish

Graphic Color Display 7″ with high brightness

Capacitive touchscreen with thick glass

Control and command function of the various washing bays, of the technical room equipment, lighting of the bays and accounting data.

General programming of all data and operating parameters of the system.

Display of machine anomalies and errors

Ethernet door for remote connection to Aquacontrol (Internet connection required)

Heater and fan

Ground version with base and frontal opening with 2 points safety closing lock

Embedded version with rear opening

Large coin collection compartment, change, integrated

Compatible with Stargate S4, S6, S7, S9, S11, SH11, SHP and S111

Available with

Till 1 electronic coin acceptor

Till 1 banknote reader

Till 2 spaces for hopper per single coin or token


RFID Smart Coin Card reader

PPredisposition for reading fidelity systems of third parties (MDB protocol)

Phone: +39 0173 776822
Fax: +39 0173 792501

P.I/C.F. 03132050042 - Cod. Rea: CN-265219
Share capital 100.000 int.vers.

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Certificate ISO 9001
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
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