Aqua Pay 7.0

Aqua Pay 7.0

Technical features

• Metal structure in galvanized steel and painted in RAL 7004 gray

• Frontal dressing in black Polyethylene with satin finish

• Graphic Color Display 7" with high brightness

• Capacitive touch-screen with thick glass

• Programming of all the active functions of the machine

• Display of total and partial accounting data

• Display of anomalies and machine errors

• Ethernet door for remote connection to Aquacontrol (Internet connection required).

• Heater and fan

• Ground version with base and frontal opening with 2 points safety closing lock

• Embedded version with rear opening

• Large coin collection compartment, change, integrated

• Compatible with Stargate S4, S6, S7, S9, S11, SH11, SHP and S111



• Till 1 electronic coin acceptor

• Till 1 banknote reader.

• Till 2 spaces for hopper per single coin or token

• Printer

• RFID Smart Coin Card reader

• Predisposition for reading fidelity systems of third parties (MDB protocol)


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